EVIL CONDUCT - Working Class Anthems CD

EVIL CONDUCT - Working Class Anthems CD
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Producent: Randale

12 kawałków holenderskich skinów. Najnowsza płyta, 2012.

Originally formed in 1984 in Holland, Evil Conduct has been raising the bar for oi and punk rock for nearly three decades, even going so far as being nicknamed the "Dutch Last Resort." These twelve songs are delivered in the band's classic oi/street punk style with no pretenses and no posing.

1.     Days Of Glory
2.     United
3.     Stuck In Berlin
4.     Across The Nation
5.     One Last Drink
6.     Don't Mess With Us
7.     Toe The Line
8.     Working Class Heroes
9.     Enjoy Yourself
10.     Self-Respect
11.     Writing On The Wall
12.     One Last Drop

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