The Varukers - The Damnation Of Our Species 2CD

The Varukers - The Damnation Of Our Species  2CD
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1-1     Persistant Resistance    
1-2     We Hint At Things Nuclear    
1-3     In South Africa    
1-4     The Fear Of Mankind    
1-5     Will They Never Learn    
1-6     Killed By Mans Own Hand    
1-7     Animals An Animal    
1-8     Protect Not Dissect    
1-9     How Can Your Conscience Allow This To Go On    
1-10     Stop The Killing    
1-11     A Lesson We Must Never Forget    
1-12     One Struggle One Fight    
1-13     Murder    
1-14     Hatred    
1-15     Endless Destruction Line    
1-16     Fake    
1-17     Genocide    
1-18     Eradicate The Problem    
1-19     Fuck You Up    
1-20     Humanity    
1-21     What Are You Gonna Do    
1-22     Target Of Shame    
1-23     Invest In Your People    
1-24     Who The Fuck    
1-25     Tighten Their Grip    
1-26     Nightmare Vision    
2-1     How Do You Sleep    
2-2     Gun Crazed Kids    
2-3     Bleed Us Dry    
2-4     Modem For Destruction    
2-5     Memo To Me    
2-6     Where Is Your God    
2-7     As Good As It Gets    
2-8     No Restrictions    
2-9     Under Attack    
2-10     Absolution    
2-11     Piss Off I've Paid    
2-12     Die    
2-13     Killing Myself To Live    
2-14     Fucked It Up Again    
2-15     Forever Crucified    
2-16     Hellbound    
2-17     Get Out Of The Gutter    
2-18     Politics In Store    

Selections from their 'One Struggle One Fight', 'Murder', 'How Do You Sleep' and 'Killing Myself To Live' albums.

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