GISM - Detestation/M.A.N. 2 LP

GISM - Detestation/M.A.N.  2 LP
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Klasyka japonskiego hardcore. dwie pierwsze plyty i masa bonusów (1982-1987). 2 LP w dużej, rozkładanej okladce w "crassowym" stylu.

A1     Endless Blockade For The Pussy Footer  
A2     Death Agonies And Screams  
A3     A.B.C. Weapons  
A4     Nih Nightmare  
A5     Document One  
A6     (Tere Their) Syphillitic Vaginas To Pieces  
A7     Nuclear Armed Hogs  
A8     Anthem  
A9     AAHB  
A10     Choke  
B1     Death Exclamations  
B2     Fire  
B3     Still Alive  
B4     Nervous Corps  
B5     Shoot To Kill  
B6     G.I.S.M.  
B7     Incest  
B8     Gash  
B9     Bite  
B10     Snatch  
B11     原水禁 (AAHB)  
B12     Punks Is Hippies (Live)  
C1     Good As It Is  
C2     Frozen Dirt  
C3     Nations Prosperity  
C4     Anatomy Love Violence Gism  
D1     Meaning Corrupted 1 "Fatigue"  
D2     M.A.N. (Military Affairs Corrupted)  
D3     Meaning Corrupted 2 "Degeneration"  
D4     Meaning Corrup[ted 3 "Destruction"

Tracks A1 to A10 are taken from the Detestation LP.
Tracks B1 and B2 are taken from the Hardcore Unlawful Assembly compilation LP.
Tracks B3 and B5 are taken from The Punx - ストリート・ムーヴメント compilation cassette.
Track B4 and B6 are taken from the Great Punk Hits compilation LP.
Tracks B7 to B11 are taken from the Outsider compilation LP
Track B12 is taken from the Document One 1982-1984 bootleg LP.
Tracks C1 to D4 are taken from the Militaly Affairs Neurotic LP

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