FACTION - Epitaph LP

FACTION - Epitaph  LP
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Cena: 55.00zł
Producent: Beer City Records

 klasyka amerykańskiego skate-punka wczesnych lat 80-tych, założona przez Steve Cabellero i jego załogę skaterów. Z tej sceny w owym czasie najpopularniejsi z całej Kalifornii.  Piąta nagrywka Faction z 1985 roku. Lubisz Adolescents i Mad Parade? 

This is the fifth FACTION record ever released. Originally coming out in 1986. This reissue has been restored and remastered for a louder, better sound then ever before! This features a brand new front and back cover as a sick inner sleeve complete with lyrics! To top it all off only 1500 of these will be pressed and on clear vinyl for RSD 2016.
Featuring legendary pro skater (and founding member) Steve Caballero! Hear THE FACTION blaze through 7 classic songs that helped to define what would become known as Skate Rock. Just give this a listen and you can hear why THE FACTION is legendary and a pioneer of the Skate Rock genre.
This is the band that was on the Skate Rock cassettes. This is the band that’s song “Skate and Destroy” was in the opening of the first Bones Brigade skateboard video. This is the band name and logo 100,000’s of skaters world wide would write and paint on their decks, grip tape, school folders and skate spots! Even today their music is featured in many skateboard documentaries and was even used in a commercial that aired during Superbowl 49. THE FACTION are quit alive and well and still playing out to this day!
Side 1
01. I Decide For Me
02. Your Generation
03. Kids
Side 2
01. Tenebrae
02. California Dreamin’
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