SLAPSHOT - Sudden Death Overtime CD

SLAPSHOT - Sudden Death Overtime  CD
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Cena: 45.00zł
Producent: Taang

Trzeci album Slapshot z 1990 roku. Prostsze i ostrzejsze kawałki ignorujące wszelkie nowoczesne trendy, którym ulegały inne kapele. Tylko siarczysty hardcore circa 1984.

The third album by Boston's Slapshot, 1990's Sudden Death Overtime proudly ignores all the trends that had overtaken hardcore since their 1984 debut: no metal moves by the guitarists, no plodding, weed-infused Black Sabbath-like dirge tempos from the rhythm section, no dorky growling from singer Choke Kelly, just straight-ahead straight-edge. The tempos are a hair slower, perhaps, but songs like "Punk's Dead, You're Next" and the righteous "War on Drugs" bristle with well-directed anger, and the shoutalong "Get Me Out" is as close as the band had yet come to a regular pop song. Extra points for the deadpan sarcasm on the Hüsker Dü-like straight-edge cover of Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit" as well. At a time when hardcore itself, never mind straight-edge, was on the ropes, Sudden Death Overtime proved that some bands were still in the game.

1.     What's At Stake
2.     Firewalker
3.     Dealing With Pennies
4.     Transmission
5.     Something To Prove
6.     Nation Of Hate
7.     Punk's Dead, You're Next      
8.     Say Goodbye
9.     War On Drugs
10.     Get Me Out
11.     Change
12.     White Rabbit
13.     Chip On My Shoulder (Live)
14.     Moment Of Truth (Live)

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