POISON IDEA - Blank Blackout Vacant CD

POISON IDEA - Blank Blackout Vacant CD
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Cena: 45.00zł
Producent: Taang

Po długiej serii krótkich płyt: singli i epek, to był trzeci duży album w dorobku oregońskich, w tym czasie już dosłownych grubasów. Album uważany za ich najlepszą płytę w latach 90-tych. Kwintesencja prowokacyjnego stylu. Nienawiść, ból, wściekłość.

Though not quite the shotgun blast of an album that its predecessor, "Feel the Darkness", was, "Blank Blackout Vacant" is nonetheless an ample testimony to Poison Idea's unbridled power and force. Suffused with enough hate, pain, and rage to fuel an entire army, Jerry A.'s vocals, positively dripping with bile and venom, certainly cement his ideas with passion and force. "Understated" is not a word that is possible to use with this band. Poison Idea, from their inception in the very early '80s through their terminal point, shone with bitter, violent power. Unlike most Poison Idea albums from the '80s, "Blank Blackout Vacant" doesn't rely on speed to get its point across. In fact, a song like "Forever and Always," with its loose, Aerosmith-like groove and its saxophone, presages the type of rock & roll that bands like Rocket from the Crypt would make years later. Many other songs reside in the same vein. The cover of the New York Dolls' "Vietnamese Baby" provides an interesting touch, amping up the original, while retaining its desperate, low-rent feeling. While not quite the bellowing, fire-breathing beast that is "Feel the Darkness", "Blank Blackout Vacant" is a more varied, eclectic piece of work from this veteran American hardcore band.

    "Say Goodbye" - 2:16
    "Star of Baghdad" - 2:17
    "Icepicks at Dawn" - 2:22
    "Smack Attack" - 2:05
    "Forever and Always" - 2:57
    "Punish Me" - 3:08
    "Crippled Angel" - 3:23
    "What Happened to Sunday" - 2:18
    "You're Next" - 1:45
    "Drain" - 3:11
    "Brigandage" - 2:15
    "Amy's Theme" - 1:29
    "Vietnamese Baby" - 3:39

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