D.R.I. - Dealing With It! LP

D.R.I. - Dealing With It! LP
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Cena: 79.00zł
Producent: Beer City Records

Pierwsza duża płyta DRI z masą bonusów. Klasyk punk rocka, hardcore'a, a nawet metalu, pionierzy łączenia tych wszystkich stylów w ramach crossover.

Where do you go and what do you do when you achieve near legendary status with your debut album? In D.R.I.'s world, you release "Dealing With It!," a record that infused their increasing technicality with a love of metal and the raw, fast as hell hardcore sound that they patented. Surpassing their debut was never going to be easy, but with their second album, D.R.I. managed to do just that in a maelstrom of vicious, catchy, cerebral hardcore and metal.

1.     Snap
2.     I'd Rather Be Sleeping
3.     Marriage
4.     Yes Ma'am
5.     Soup Kitchen
6.     Mad Man
7.     Stupid, Stupid War
8.     Counter Attack
9.     Scouch Slouch
10.     God Is Broke
11.     Karma
12.     Nursing Home Blues
13.     I Don't Need Society
14.     Give My Taxes Back
15.     The Explorer
16.     Reaganomics
17.     How To Act
18.     Shame
19.     Argument Then War
20.     Evil Minds
21.     Slit My Wrist
22.     Busted Again
23.     Equal People
24.     On My Way Home
25.     Bail Out

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