ICONS OF FILTH - Nostradamnedus CD

ICONS OF FILTH - Nostradamnedus  CD
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Jedna z legendarnych kapel brytyjskiego anarcho-punka i ich comebackowy album. 2003

One of the greatest anarcho-punk bands of all time has returned with a brand-new album that stands up to their brilliant earlier releases. Icons Of Filth is a legend to legions of crusty punks around the world. This new one, their first release in years, features their trademark brash guitar and in-your-face vocals. Their confrontational lyrics take to task capitalism, corporate greed and a range of timely social issues.

1.     Riddled With Guilt
2.     Fast And Loose
3.     Just Won't Go
4.     Plastic Wrap
5.     Treadmill
6.     Henry Ford
7.     Ghetto Of Disillusion
8.     Orators Of Mumbo Jumbo
9.     Flag
10.     Grind
11.     Perpetual Notion
12.     Nostradamnedus
13.     Airwaves

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