COCK SPARRER - Running Riot In '84 / Live And Loud!! 2LP

COCK SPARRER - Running Riot In '84 / Live And Loud!! 2LP
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Cena: 99.00zł
Producent: Pirates Press

Druga płyta Cock Sparrera i ich pierwsza popularna koncertówka zapakowane w jeden zestaw, choć w oddzielnych okładkach. Kto wie tego nie trzeba zachęcać. Klasyka!

Pirate's Press Records pairs Cock Sparrer's second classic studio full-length with their first well-known quality live recording captured shortly afterwards. Packaged with a three-color, silkscreened obi strip wrapped around both jackets, it is available on sets of 180 gram claret and blue vinyl, and includes totally remastered cuts. These two records are sure to give you a vivid taste of the band's tumultuous (yet fruitful) early eighties.

1.     Run With The Blind
2.     Is Anybody There?
3.     Price Too High To Pay
4.     Think Again
5.     Don't Say A Word
6.     The Sun Says (new version)
7.     The Mean Murder
8.     Closedown
9.     Chip On My Shoulder (live)
10.     Runnin' Riot (live)
11.     Riot Squad
12.     Watch Your Back
13.     I Got Your Number
14.     Take 'Em All
15.     We Love You
16.     Working
17.     Argy Bargy
18.     Where Are They Now?
19.     White Riot
20.     Runnin' Riot
21.     The Sun Says
22.     Secret Army
23.     England Belongs To Me
24.     Chip On My Shoulder

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