EXPLOITED - Let's Start a War LP

EXPLOITED - Let's Start a War  LP
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Trzecia płyta Exploited. 1983 rok. Gatefold

3rd Studio album from Punk Legends THE EXPLOITED. Originally released in 1983 on Pax Records, this re-issue is a features all the relevant bonus tracks from that era.

1     Let's Start A War (Said Maggie One Day)  
2     Insanity  
3     Safe Below  
4     Eyes Of The Vultures  
5     Should We, Can't We  
6     Rival Leaders (Remix)  
7     God Saved The Queen  
8     Psycho  
9     Kidology  
10     False Hopes  
11     Another Day To Go Nowhere  
12     Wankers  
    Bonus Tracks
13     Rival Leaders (EP Version)  
14     Army Style  
15     Singalongabushel

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