THE ACCUSED - The Archive Tapes 1981-1986 LP

THE ACCUSED - The Archive Tapes 1981-1986   LP
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Podwójny album z rzadkimi, wczesnymi nagraniami mistrzów splatter-core'a. Od wczesnych demówioek nastoletnich punkowców, po udaną próbę połączenia metalu z punk rockiem 34 kawałki na 2 LP.

"The Archive Tapes" is a musical time machine documenting The Accused's rise to ambiguity, providing insight on their influence and underground status as forefathers of early '80s crossover. This double LP set contains 34 tracks, from early demos of the band at their teen-punk stage, all the way through to their creeping metal influence, including humbling outtakes, candid rehearsal sessions, live tracks, and is packaged with extensive liner notes in a gatefold cover.

1.     Undesirables
2.     War = Death
3.     Father's Betrayal
4.     Take My Time
5.     Show No Mercy
6.     Tomorrow Belongs To Me
7.     Life's A Waste
8.     Symptom
9.     Un-Named
10.     In A Death Bed
11.     Live Our Own Lives
12.     Martha's Revenge
13.     Bethany Home
14.     Scotty
15.     No Reason
16.     Distractions
17.     Running From The Police
18.      Life's A Waste
19.     No Accusations
20.     Beast In The Cellar
21.     Merchanized Death
22.     She's The Killer
23.     Sex Slave
24.     Reagan's War Puppets
25.     Martha Splatterhead
26.     Slow Death
27.     Wrong Side Of The Grave
28.     Our Way
29.     Kill Hurt Destroy
30.     The Right
31.     Child These Days
32.     Highway Star
33.     Like You
34.     Fuckin For Buck$

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