THE ACCUSED - Baked Tapes LP

THE ACCUSED - Baked Tapes  LP
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16 mniej znanych (niepublikowane kawałki, covery, nagrania z singli, składanek etc) nagrań z lat 1986-91. M.in. covery Rolling Stones, Damned i Heart.

"Baked Tapes" is a 16-track collection of rare outtakes dated between 1986 and 1991 from Seattle's splatter rock masters, including covers of "Barracuda" by Heart, "Paint It Black" by The Rolling Stones, "Neat Neat Neat" by The Damned and more!

1.     Halo Of Flies (A Deadly Blessing)
2.     Lifeless Zone
3.     Scotty
4.     W.C.A.L.T.
5.     Septi-Child
6.     Brutality And Corruption
7.     Splatter Rock
8.     Grinning Like An Undertaker
9.     Tapping The Vein
10.     Rape (Not A Love Song)
11.     Bethany Home
12.     Devil Woman
13.     Barracuda
14.     Paint It Black
15.     Neat Neat Neat
16.     Lipstick

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