Driller Killer - Fuck The World LP

Driller Killer - Fuck The World  LP
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Trzeci album z 1997. Szwedzka bestia z pogranicza metalu/crusta i hardcore/punka.

Driller Killer’s third album originally released on vinyl as a hand-numbered edition of 1000 copies by Osmose in 1997 and out-of-print now for over 20 years, it’s about fucking time FTW is back on wax!! Thirty-two minutes pave way to sixteen down tuned skull-cracking tracks of Sweden’s finest unadulterated friff-laden metal punk. Iron-clad production with a clear, balanced, burly mix of titanic guitars and pummelling drums welded together by the deep and aggressive voice of Cliff Lundberg. FTW is the third release in a series of 8 DK albums coming out on Unrest Records, and the musical equivalent of a twenty-ton tank looking to mow you down in your tracks!!

A1     Tomorrow    
A2     HS.69    
A3     Sick Shit    
A4     Fuck The World    
A5     Weakend Warrior    
A6     Freeman    
A7     Beaten Down
A8     Hellcome    
A9     Thrill Of The Pill    
B1     Blind Naked N' Covered With Shit    
B2     Still Alive    
B3     Times Up    
B4     Suffering Is Human    
B5     I Couldn't Care Less    
B6     Down The Drain    
B7     Lies

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