Driller Killer - Reality Bites LP

Driller Killer - Reality Bites LP
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Czwarty album z 1998. Szwedzka bestia z pogranicza metalu/crusta i hardcore/punka.

Airing their anger and fury since 1993, Reality Bites is DRILLER KILLER’S fourth opus, originally released on CD in 1997. First time on vinyl, RB serves up a dozen bulldozing blasts of pounding metal-edged Swedish HC punk in the spirit of life, death and misery!! Ultra fast galloping drum beats effortlessly executed behind a wall of shredding guitars, chainsaw bass lines and devastating vocals by frontman Cliff Lundberg. This is the fourth LP in a series of eight officially licensed and long overdue Driller Killer albums to be unleashed on vinyl!! FFO: Discharge, Extreme Noise Terror, Napalm Death, Anti Cimex

Scream Suffer Die    
God Forgives    
... The Phanatix    
Count Me Out    
Where The Sun Never Shines    
Mad Bad N' Pissed    
No Reason To Quit    
The Scum That Rules    
From One Hell To Another    
Rise Above (Black Flag)    
Cash Flow Zero    
Doomed From The Start    
Fear Today Gun Tomorrow    
Don't Point    

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