NO IDEA - jag hatar punk LP

NO IDEA - jag hatar punk  LP
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Punk ze Szwecji z 1986 roku. Napierdol.

NO IDEA is a Swedish crossover-hardcore band from 1986. "jag hatar punk" has been fully restored and remastered. While there is a lot of music from this era being reissued, this is truly one of those hidden gems that needed to be made available to the world. "jag hatar punk" unleashes 13 songs of hardcore that will blow you away. Regardless of how unknown they were, this record stands out. Not only does this reissue contain all 3 songs restored and remastered, also contained are liner notes by the band as well as pictures and flyers from back in the mid-'80s.

A1     Rambo    
A2     Jag Hatar Punk    
A3     Svält Är Mord    
A4     Vår Hämnd    
A5     Parasit    
A6     Teenage Suicide    
A7     Jag Lydde Bara Order    
B1     No Straight Edge    
B2     Whitehouse Statement    
B3     Hellraiser    
B4     Rape Your Master    
B5     No Nuke

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