CRASS - Christ - The Album / Well Forked - But Not Dead 2LP

CRASS - Christ - The Album / Well Forked - But Not Dead 2LP
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Czwarta płyta Crass z 1982 roku wydana na podwójnym LP. Pierwsza pyta to nowy, studyjny materiał. druga koncert z 1981 roku.

Christ – The Album is the fourth album by Crass, released in 1982. It was released as a boxed set double vinyl LP package, including one disk of new studio material and another, entitled Well Forked.. But Not Dead, of a live recording of their June 1981 gig at the 100 Club in London along with other studio tracks, demos and tape fragments. The box also included a book, A Series Of Shock Slogans and Mindless Token Tantrums (which featured Penny Rimbaud's essay "The Last of the Hippies", telling the story of the suspicious death of his friend Wally Hope)[1] and a large size poster painted by Gee Vaucher. The album was well received and the band considered it their best.[2]

Christ - The Album
A1     Have A Nice Day   
A2     Mother Love   
A3     Nineteen Eighty Bore   
A4     I Know There Is Love   
A5     Beg Your Pardon   
A6     Birth Control 'n' Rock 'n' Roll  
A7     Reality Whitewash
B1     It's The Greatest Working Class Rip-Off   
B2     Deadhead   
B3     You Can Be Who?   
B4     Buy Now Pay As You Go   
B5     Rival Tribal Revel Rebel (Pt. 2)   
B6     Bumhooler   
B7     Sentiment (White Feathers)  
B8     Major General Despair   

    Well Forked - But Not Dead
C1     Banned From The Roxy   
C2     The Sound Of One Hand   
C3     Punk Is Dead   
C4     Nagasaki Nightmare   
C5     Darling   
C6     Bata Motel Blues   
C7     Berkertex Bribe   
C8     Fold It In Half   
C9     Big Hands   
C10     Heart-Throb Of The Mortuary  
C11     Bumhooler   
C12     Big A Little A   
C13     First Woman   
D1     Arlington 73   
D2     Bomb Plus Bomb Tape   
D3     Contaminational Power   
D4     I Ain't Thick   
D5     G's Song   
D6     Securicor   
D7     I Can't Stand It  
D8     Shaved Women   
D9     A Part Of Life   
D10     Do They Owe Us A Living   
D11     So What   
D12     Salt 'n' Pepper

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