Nameless Creations - Upon God's Call LP

Nameless Creations - Upon God's Call   LP
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Noisowa, bardziej agresywna strona post-punka. Warszawska młodzież!

NAMELESS CREATIONS fall on the noisier, more aggressive, punk side of post-punk: for all the poetic posturing, the shattered-absinthe-bottle guitar delivers riffs and hooks aplenty. Nods and winks to the obvious BIRTHDAY PARTY/45 GRAVE touchstones, but with the directness of the MOB or OMEGA TRIBE and the snotty bravado of youthful ICEAGE thrown in. Great stuff

1.Abjuration 01:17
2.Upon God's Call 07:47
3. Sanctimony 05:14
4.Salvation in a Syringe 03:19
5.Evening Shroud 05:54
6.Flesh is to Blood 03:25
7.Batseller 03:51
8.Whörehammer 04:33
9.Keep Them Quiet 08:06

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