Weathered Statues - Borderlands CD

Weathered Statues - Borderlands CD
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Debiutancki album kapeli z Kolorado (USA), złożonej z weteranów amerykańskiej sceny. Muzycznie to zimna fala w klimacie Killing Joke, Xmal Deutschland, Cure,

An album, Borderlands, coalesced, drawing on the grim futurism of the past: the barren darkness of Skeletal Family, the metallic abrasion of Killing Joke, the crystalline ghostliness of Siouxsie and the Banshees, the icy dreaminess of Xmal Deutschland, and the hollow fragility of early New Order. Then Lol Tolhurst, co-founder of The Cure, agreed to remix “Corpse Candle,” the opening track of Borderlands, infusing it with a sleek dance pulse, while Keith Curts of industrial duo Echo Beds added synthesizer to the album’s slashing final track, “Holy Masquerade.”

Borderlands is an album of peaks and valleys, of shattered beauty and sleepwalking drone, of corroded love and luscious grotesquerie. Mather, a nurse by trade, relays her years of being immersed in illness, injury, and death into her stark lyrics and spectral melodies. Around her, the band veer from glacial pop to savage dirges, summoning the phantoms of post-punk past while peering stoically into an uncertain tomorrow.

1     Corpse Candle    
2     Betrayal    
3     Dark Tides    
4     Heather    
5     Hypnagogia    
6     The Silver Cliff    
7     Sabbat    
8     Widow Sunday    
9     Ossuary    
10     Holy Masquerade

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