Mirage - Erasure / Oslo EP

Mirage - Erasure / Oslo  EP
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Międzynarodowy projekt Cold rock/post punk z Berlina i Oslo. Klimaty lat 80-tych, 

“Mirage began as a solo project of mine sometime during 2013. I started playing these cold riffs out of nowhere, and they quickly became full songs. I recorded some instrumental demos during that year and tried to find a proper singer, but it never came to fruition and I didn’t think much about the songs for a while. Come fall 2015, I knew my friend Jan was going to Norway with Occvlta to play a couple of shows up here, and these songs popped up in my head again because we always shared a similar interest in the realm of dark rock music, post-punk, ’80s synth, experimental stuff, and whatever.”

A     Erasure    
B     Oslo

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