DIE MADMANS - Holiday auf Eis LP

DIE MADMANS - Holiday auf Eis LP
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Możliwe że pierwszy punkowy zespół z NRD.

The complete tape recorded in 1990 from this extraordinary ex-GDR-band from Weimar! They started the band in early 1979 and still play today, even writing new great songs! Probably the first East German punk-band ever! They have a very unique and distinctive style, music and lyrics. This LP is a complete masterpiece from the beginning to the end, marked by a prevailing bleakly mood. More records of this outstanding band will follow.

Two Lives    
Verdammtes Weib    
Holiday Auf Eis    
Denn Sie Lehren    
The Same Old Story    
Brain Flake Meal    
As Tears Go By    

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