BONECRUSHER - We Are The Working Class CD

BONECRUSHER - We Are The Working Class CD
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Street punk z południowej Kaliforni. Zdarty wokal, uliczne melodie, streetrockowe chóry... 2010

6 years ago we did TOMORROW IS TOO LATE and even the NOIZE OVERDOSE split album with OXYMORON is 4 years old by now.
A new album as a signal from the band was more than awaited.

All 13 songs are typical BONECRUSHER and believe it or not but they kick your arse as usual. Powerful Punk Rock recorded under the california sun with lyrics like a punch in the face of the government, the upper class, for sure the nazis and anyone who is worth taking it.

You won?t notice that some of the members will turn 50 soon, no it?s the other way round: younger bands should take a piece of that energy and power.
Noah on vocals is doing better and better and latest now he is not a replaced singer anymore. He?s the frontman of a powerful punk band!

Under the german law BONECRUSHER turned full age this year and with WE ARE THE WORKING CLASS they made themselve a very special present.

Songs: 13
01 We The People
02 Gotta Get Out
03 The Future
04 We Will Survive
05 Government Atrocities
06 Under Suspision
07 We are The Workingclass
08 I Can?t Deny
09 It?s Yours Today
10 Out Of The Wreckage
11 What Do We Got To Lose
12 Society?s Waste
13 Our Nations Burning (album version)


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