KALEIDOSCOPE - After the Futures... LP

KALEIDOSCOPE - After the Futures... LP
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Cena: 75.00zł
Producent: La Vida Es Un Mus

Psychodeliczny, brudny, punk rock z Nowego Jorku. Black Flag XXI wieku?
After two 7”s, an LP and numerous tapes Brooklyn’s Kaleidoscope are back with their sharpest release to date. Written and recorded by the band in the house they live and create together. After the Futures…follows a path laid by worldwide sonic outsiders. You can hear vibes from the early ESP catalogue (Fugs, Godz, Zitro), guitar tones close to Peruvian Los Saicos, the wildness of the entire Attack Punk Records catalogue and constant nods to the blunt free spirit of Crass. The fifteen paranoid, anxious and gloomy tracks of the record offer a narrative, an open view of the state of the post-modern world we have to live in as opposed to a re-hash exercise of style about past times. After The Futures… comes housed in a due tone heavy board offset sleeve and includes an A2 poster and a 16 pages risographed lyric booklet.

1.Defcon 00:45
2.Abolition 01:46
3.After The Futures 02:47
4.Sigint --> E.K.I.A. 02:38
5.Feedback Systems 01:51
6.Homeland Security 01:47
7.Body Politics 01:02
8.Feeling Machine 01:55
9.Still Life II 00:46
10.Crocodile Tears 02:43
11.Zero Tolerance 01:57
12.Suicide 01:01
13.Exhaustion 02:18
14.Development Crisis 02:06
15.Soft Cage 04:17  

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