UK Subs: Live in Ljubljana LP

UK Subs: Live in Ljubljana LP
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Koncertówka Subsów z 1986 roku, kiedy jeszcze istniała Jugosławia.

Rest in Punk Records typically reissues killer, vintage Yugoslavian punk, but they break that pattern to re-release this ripping 1986 UK Subs live set from Ljubljana, Slovenia. I don’t think the Subs get enough love from modern punkers, and while I wouldn’t suggest starting with this record (instead, I’d recommend their second album, Brand New Age or their 5th, Endangered Species), it’s a fun one for fans. It sounds like an audience recording as you can hear some chatter from the punters between tracks, but it’s clear and you can hear everything pretty well, including the drums. The band is in fine form, plowing through an energetic set heavy on hits like “Warhead,” “I Live in a Car,” “Stranglehold,” and “Teenage.” If you see no value in live recordings you can move along, but if you like good-sounding audience recordings of rip-roaring, vintage punk gigs, this is a keeper.

A1     Endangered Species    
A2     NY State Police    
A3     I Couldn't Be You    
A4     I Live In A Car    
A5     Warhead    
A6     You Don't Belong    
A7     Party In Paris    
B8     Teenage    
B9     Left For Dead    
B10     Sk8 Tough    
B11     Stranglehold    
B12     Tomorrow's Girls    
B13     New Barbarians    
B14     Organised Crime

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