RAT CAGE - Screams From The Cage LP

RAT CAGE - Screams From The Cage  LP
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Producent: La Vida Es Un Mus

Like a steel girder to the forehead, incomes SCREAMS FROM THE CAGE. 19 minutes of brutally up front and relentlessly rowdy hardcore punk, that slams a firm British stamp on the classic Swedish Hardcore blueprint. This wrecking ball sits somewhere between the 80’s Hudiksvall sounds of MISSBRUKARNA, the damaged NO FUTURE confessions of THE PARTISANS and the sheer rock and roll audacity of the SKITKIDS. Back to back riffs that'll stick to your brain like the glue at the bottom of your bag and steaming drums blasts that’ll plough through your skull like a juggernaut driven by a maniac high on amphetamine. Mylo Oxlo provides the artwork once again, perfectly capturing the claustrophobic animosity of the Rat’s latest 12 song romp and rampage. Fittingly dropping on the year of the Rat while the Tory’s take a strangle hold of the U.K for another 4 years. Hold onto your seat, feel the burn and don’t you dare turn this fucker down.

1.Intro (Screams From The Cage) 00:47
2 A Country For Idiots 01:54
3.Jump Off A Building 01:38
4.Snake Oil 01:24
5.Vanity Game (Part 1) 00:08
6.Midnight Death Ride 02:19
7.I Don't Wanna Listen 02:16
8.Vanity Game (Part 2) 00:09
9.Charge Them With Murder 01:58
10.Anti Trident 01:33
11.Cold Furnace 02:10
12.Not Got No Hope 03:00

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