Mau Maus - Society’s Rejects LP

Mau Maus - Society’s Rejects  LP
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Producent: La Vida Es Un Mus

Druga fala brytyjskiego punka. wszystkie cztery single Mau Maus i kawałki z kompilacji.

21 track singles round up from one of the UK`s first wave of Hardcore Punk bands, the Mau Maus. They were formed in Sheffield and in the early 80`s they released a string of hard hitting EP`s on the Pax and Rebellion labels. Including Society’s Rejects, No Concern, Facts Of War and Tear Down The Walls, all of which hit the UK Indie Top 10. This set includes all the tracks from those four singles plus Give Us a Future from the Punk Dead – Nah Mate, The Smell Is Jus Summink In Yer Underpants Innit Compilation on Pax. Each track is a prime example of fury delivered with intensity and passion. The LP comes with a A4 Booklet of lyrics, reviews and archive.

Society's Rejects    
Secret Society    
Social System    
The Kill    
The Oath    
No Concern    
Why Do We Suffer    
Give Us A Future    
Just Another Day    
Facts Of War    
Religious Rights    
Running With The Pack    
Tear Down The Walls    
Make The Fight    
Step Across The Border    
A Second To Pray

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