MISERY - The Early Years CD

MISERY -  The Early Years  CD
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Wczesne nagrania zespołu z Minneapolis - CD zawiera materiał z Children of War 7", Blindead 7", Born Fed Slaughtered, Pain in suffering i Production Through Destruction LP. Surowy, mroczny, brudny i motoryczny nast

1     Born, Fed... Slaughtered    
2     Falling Of Darkness    
3     Total Destruction    
4     Blindead    
5     Wealth And Power    
6     Children Of War    
7     Thanksgiving Day    
8     Morbid Reality    
9     Dragged Off To War    
10     Filth Of Mankind    
11     Reality Leads To Insanity    
12     World Of Fear    
13     Two Worlds Collide    
14     Screw You Too    
15     Blood Red Blue    
16     What Freedom?    
17     New Clear Age    
18     Bomb Blast    
19     Regin Of Terror    
20     Pressure    
21     Pain    
22     Production Through Destruction    
23     To Be Continued    

Contains the Born, Fed... Slaughtered 7", Blindead 7", Children Of War 7", Pain in Suffering (the Misery side of the split LP with SDS) and Production Through Destruction LP.

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