Total Chaos – Early Years 1989-1993 LP

Total Chaos – Early Years 1989-1993  LP
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wczesne nagrania amerykańskich chaos punków.

A1     Babylon    
A2     Rascal Rupture    
A3     Riot City    
A4     Nightmares    
A5     Lives Are Squandered    
A6     Tortured And Abused    
A7     Were The Punks    
A8     Final Solution    
A9     Anarchy    
B1     Intro + Pain,Agony,Defeat    
B2     Army Story    
B3     Nazi Why    
B4     Downfall System    
B5     Were Gonna Die    
B6     Gary Doom Maddness

Edition Of 500 Copies For Record Store Day 2018
Tracks A1-A5 Recorded In Semptember 93
Tracks A6-A7 Recorded In March 93 (Taken From The LP "We Are The Future"
Tracks A8-A9 Recorded In July 92 (Taken From The Live 7" "Nightmares")
Tracks B1-B6 Recorded In June 91 (Taken From Their First Demo)

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