Slashing Death - Not Dead LP

Slashing Death - Not Dead  LP
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 Klasyka polskiego grind core/hard core. Pierwsze trzy demówki z przełomu lat 80/90.

One of the most important Polish Underground bands at the turn of the 80/90’s. It’s clear and uncompromising Death/thrash early and GrindCore/HC mix later was it’s main trademark. After over 30 years since the debut demo tape, first time on vinyl – all three demo tapes and 2 bonus track!!! ‘Not Dead’ it: I demo “Deathly Ceremonic” /1988/, II demo “Irrevocably And With No Hope”/1989/, III demo “Kill Me Cause I Can’t Stop” /1990/ and bonus tracks: “Seek Sense” and “No Return” – VADER cover from “Future of the Past II – Hell in the East” LP.
Kill Me Cause I Can't Stop" Demo III (1990)
A1+2 Me / Sk - 8 Song 1:36
A3 Slow Suicide 1:21
A4 Truth 1:18
A5 Blind Alley 1:35
A6 Vietnam Syndrom 1:44
A7 Power /Agnostic Front Cover/ 1:26
A8 Genetic Alternations 1:07
"Irrevocably And With No Hope" Demo II (1989)
A9 Intro "FP" 0:40
A10 Apocalyptic 1:32
A11 Blasphemy 2:07
A12 The Story Of Necrophile 2:12
A13 Deadness 1:21
A14 No Return 1:21
"Deathly Ceremonic" Demo I (1988)
B1 Intro... Ceremonic Of Death 2:21
B2 The Pain 2:25
B3 Heart Of Virgin 2:52
B4 Quick Death 2:28
B5 Satans Appeart 3:37
Bonus Tracks
B6 Seek Sense
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