REDUCERS SF - Raise Your Hackles LP

REDUCERS SF - Raise Your Hackles  LP
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Producent: Pirates Press

 Amerykański street punk/pub rock punków i skinów z ulic San Francisco. Street rock z taaaaaakimi bakami zaśpiewany zachrypniętym wokalem. Dla fanów COCK SPARRER, CHELSEA, STIFF LITTLE FINGERS, SWINGIN’ UTTERS DROPKICK MURPHYS. Po 5 letniej przrwie to był ich trzeci album, świetna mieszanka pub rocka, glamu i brytyjskiego punka przelomu 70/80, ze skinowskimi inklinacjami. Wątek chuligański obecny, ale to jednak jest kulturka panie i punkowie! 

Still hanging tough in the streets of San Francisco, the REDUCERS SF are bringing you their latest album, Raise Your Hackles: their first full length releases since 2000’s Crappy Clubs & Smelly Pubs. It’s been over a decade since the REDUCERS showed up on the SF scene: most of the original venues have shut down, and most of the bands they came up with have long since called it a day. But, throughout the years of playing shows with the likes of COCK SPARRER, DROPKICK MURPHYS, SWINGIN’ UTTERS, ONE MAN ARMY and touring the USA, Europe and Japan, the REDUCERS have stuck to their guns. Their signature sound- a blend of boot-boy Glam, Pub Rock, and melodic UK Punk- continues to place them in a league of their own in the international Street Punk scene and give them respect worldwide as true originals. The 13-tracks on this new album are the next chapter in the REDUCERS’ story. FOR FANS OF: COCK SPARRER, CHELSEA, STIFF LITTLE FINGERS, SWINGIN’ UTTERS DROPKICK MURPHYS
1     Fading Away
2     You Got Nothin'
3     Knocked Out
4     Who's To Blame
5     The Night
6     Out Tonight
7     Carry On
8     Troubles And Pains
9     Over The Edge
10     Never Break Me
11     Hired Hand
12     Jokers On Me
13     We Are The Same
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