THE STALIN - Stalinism LP

THE STALIN  - Stalinism LP
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 Japoński punk i jego najbardziej legendarny przedstawiciel, najwcześniejsze epki Stalina zebrane na jednej płycie. dziki i wściekły punk z kraju kwitnącej wiśni. 80-84


A1     電動コケシ     
A2     肉     
A3     バキューム     
A4     解剖室     
A5     Chicken Farm Chicken
B1     豚に真珠     
B2     サル     
B3     コルホーズの玉ネギ畑     
B4     猟奇ハンター     
B5     アーチスト

sorki, nie da sie tych krzaczków przenieść.

The Stalin began in 1980 and blew away all previous attempts at Japanese punk rock with their radical, evolving style. The band was founded by Michiro Endo, a 32 year-old socialist activist, Vietnam veteran, and street singer who had spent time in the West. He chose the name because "the name Stalin is very hated by most people in Japan, so it is very good for our image." Because he was a socialist, he also explained the name as meaning "the downside of every good idea."

A long-overdue reissue for fans of Japanese hardcore and punk. Stalinism collects a bunch of The Stalin’s early work circa 1980-84. Famed for Michiro Endo’s incendiary onstage antics and their staunchly political stance this is a band not to forget.

A1,A2: from flexi-disc (1980)
A3,A4: from Flexi-disc "Fish Inn" (1984)
A5: From compilation "Welcome to 1984" (1984)
B1-B5: EP (1981)

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