TOY DOLLS - On Stage In Stuttgart 2LP

TOY DOLLS - On Stage In Stuttgart  2LP
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gatefold, kolor winyl, 1999 rok

A1     Dig That Groove Theme Tune   
A2     The Lambrusco Kid   
A3     Idle Gossip   
A4     Back In '79   
A5     She's A Leech   
A6     I've Got Asthma   
A7     Sabre Dance   
B1     She'll Be Back With Keith Someday   
B2     Fisticuffs In Frederick Street   
B3     Bless You My Son   
B4     My Girlfriends Dads A Vicar   
B5     Yul Brynner Was A Skinhead   
B6     Wakey Wakey Theme Tune   
B7     Stay Mellow   
C1     Eine Kleine Nacht Musik   
C2     Fiery Jack   
C3     Alecs Gone   
C4     500 Miles   
C5     She Goes To Finos   
C6     Dig That Groove Baby   
D1     Raiders Of The Lost Ark   
D2     Cloughy Is A Bootboy   
D3     Glenda And The Test Tube Baby   
D4     Dougy Giro   
D5     Nellie The Elephant

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