PERDITION - Not Just Another Anthology 2LP

PERDITION - Not Just Another Anthology  2LP
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 Skoczny australijski punk rock z lat 80-tych. Wszystkie nagrania kapeli z Adelaidy na podwójnym winylu. 

Not Just Another Anthology' contains a 16-page full colour booklet with photos, lyrics, posters and liner notes. Limited edition, pressed on transparent yellow vinyl.
This a double LP discography from Adelaide's finest punk/hardcore band. Contains all of Perdition's recordings from their 1984 7-inch 'The Intoxicated EP', to the 'How To Teach Your Budgie To Talk' LP, and several tracks from the 'A Positive Alternative To Torture' tape.
Tracks A1 to B6 are from the 'How To Teach Your Budgie To Talk' LP, which was recorded in June 1985 and issued in Australia by Reactor Records (006).
Tracks A1, A3, B4, B6, C1, C2, C8 & D5 are from the 'Aüssie Cörè - Sèärch För Thè Sölütiön? / A Torturing Compilation', a split LP with Vicious Circle (7), which was issued by Flipside Records when these two bands toured the U.S. in 1985 (FSR 005).
Tracks C1 to C5 are from the 1984 Reactor Records 7-inch 'The Intoxicated EP' (Reactor 2), which was also repressed as a 12-inch in 1985.
The second LP in this compilation also includes material from the cassette 'A Positive Alternative To Torture', which was recorded in 1983.
This is the first time tracks from 'A Positive Alternative To Torture' have been issued on vinyl. 
A1 I'm Laughing
A2 Looking For Red Lights
A3 Just One Mistake
A4 Too Many Lies
A5 Everyday
A6 Red Is The Blade
B1 Freak
B2 Disease
B3 Black
B4 Progress Where?
B5 Open Your Eyes
B6 Big Problems
C1 Nothing For You
C2 Deserve To Die
C3 Life Of Pain
C4 Blood Runs Red
C5 The Last Hour
C6 Right To Fight
C7 Do We Have A Future
C8 Degeneration
D1 Change
D2 Youth Today
D3 Mass Destruction
D4 Isn't It A Pity
D5 New Anarchy
D6 Loves Not Enough
D7 Knife Attack
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