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Szkocka legenda sceny anarcho punkowej wczesnych lat 80-tych, obok CRASS, FLUX OF PINK INDIANS, THE SYSTEM z mocnymi, społeczno-politycznymi tekstami. Szkocka odpowiedź na Crass.
Album zawiera demo 81-82 i live z 1983 roku.

 ALTERNATIVE hail from Scotland and don’t really need an introduction. For those of you out there not familiar, these folks are legends in the early U.K. Anarcho-punk community and have become a staple within the punk scene today. Touring with acts like CRASS, FLUX OF PINK INDIANS, THE SYSTEM, ANDY T, this gives you the gist of where we’re going musically, lyrically and ideologically. This particular record is their demo recordings from 1982 and have that classic dirge and rawness to it.  Given this was taken from some aged tapes or reels, this has some classic sounds that can only be defined as pure and genuine. Some say these guys were the Scotlands answer to CRASS and hearing their music re-enforces that to some degree. Very strong socio/political lyrics with some classic guitar hooks and driving drums to fuel your punk angst. Get this record and put it into your library of anarcho-collections. It’s a must have.

1     Intro     0:43
2     Unknown     4:12
3     Great Britain     3:07
4     Delusions     2:03
5     Rising Sun     3:06
6     Try To Understand     2:31
7     Barrier War     2:24
8     Child In The System     3:07
9     Antichrist     4:32
10     Who´s Sussed?     3:07
11     Moral Bondage     2:54
12     Hawks And Doves     3:02
13     Killing Machine     2:00
14     Warfear     2:31
15     Where Are Your Hiroshimas?     1:32
16     Another Subversive Peace Song     5:23
17     Delusions     3:48
18     Yes I Cry In The Dark     3:28
19     Vanity Massacre     4:03
20     When Will We     5:11
21     How Many Times Sold?     2:53
22     Outro     1:49

tracks are from their demos from actually 1981-1982 in different order than on the original releases.
Tracks 16 - 22 recorded live at Gateshead Station 1983

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