45 Adapters - Now or Never 12"

45 Adapters - Now or Never 12"
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Producent: Pirates Press

Emerging out of the cloud that is 2020, this long anticipated EP really packs the punch everyone has been hoping for.
Coming out swinging, this beloved band delivers hit after hit on this absolutely eye-catching 12” that looks like it was printed on glass. The title track, a rip roaring addition to the Pirates’ sampler “For Family And Flag“ wet the whistle for fans across the globe... and the remaining tracks stacked up on this incredible EP raucously complete the package!
Summarizing the sentiment felt by many, it really is “Now or Never“! Time to take a stand.

Side A:
1. Now Or Never
2. Friendship
3. Ready Blood

Side B:
4. Let’s Play
5. Shabby
6. Broken Men

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