COCK SPARRER - Back In San Francisco 2009 CD/DVD

COCK SPARRER - Back In San Francisco 2009  CD/DVD
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Cena: 55.00zł
Producent: Pirates Press

Zarejestrowany w 2009 roku, podczas piątych urodzin Piratess Press w San Francisco koncert dziadków Oi!-a! Wydane ekskluzywnie.
Wszystkie hity tu są, brzmi fajowo, ogląda sie nieźle, słucha jeszcze lepiej.

Recorded at Pirates Press' fifth anniversary party in November of 2009 in San Francisco, this is really a party in a custom, die-cut package. To complement the powerful set and fantastic sound quality, this package includes a CD or 2xLP of the set, a massive poster with 1,200 photo booth pictures from the weekend, loads of candid snapshots of the aftermath and a great, professionally shot and sequenced DVD of Saturday night's set. Available either as a gatefold 2xLP pressed on 180 gram, colored virgin vinyl with DVD and poster, or DVD digipak with bonus CD and poster.

1.     Intro
2.     Riot Squad
3.     Watch Your Back
4.     Working
5.     Sussed
6.     What's It Like To Be Old?
7.     Teenage Heart
8.     Spirit Of '76
9.     Tough Guys
10.     Get A Rope
11.     Argy Bargy
12.     So Many Things
13.     Runnin' Riot
14.     Chip On My Shoulder
15.     I Got Your Number
16.     Suicide Girls
17.     Because You're Young
18.     Take Em All
19.     Where Are They Now
20.     Sunday Stripper
21.     England Belongs To Me
22.     We're Coming Back

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