Napalm Death - Demos 1985-1986 Demos LP

Napalm Death - Demos 1985-1986 Demos  LP
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 Hatred Surge / From Enslavement To Obliteration (1985-1986 Demos) 

     From Enslavement To Obliteration
A1     Multinational Corporations     
A2     Instinct Of Survival     
A3     Unclean     
A4     Sacrificed     
A5     Siege Of Power     
A6     Caught... In A Dream     
A7     What Man Can Do     
A8     Control     
A9     Death By Manipulation     
B1     Abattoir     
B2     Private Death     
B3     The Kill     
B4     You Suffer     
    Hatred Surge Demo 23-10-1985
B5     What Man Can Do     
B6     Instinct Of Survival     
B7     Abbatoir     
B8     Control     
B9     Sacrificed     
B10     So Sad     
B11     Caught In A Dream     
B12     Private Death     
B13     Cheswick Green (Live)
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