World/Inferno Friendship Society - Red Eyed Soul CD

World/Inferno Friendship Society - Red Eyed Soul  CD
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Jedyny w swoim rodzaju kabaretowo-musicalowy punk rock. Panie i panowie, kto chce zostać punkowym dandysem?
Trzecia płyta tego miedzynarodowego kolektywu z Nowego jorku. Rok 2006.

The World/Inferno Friendship Society give you your damn soul back. It's been up all night, thinks everything is hysterical, and keeps humming tunes about Halloween and heroes, love lost and found, and the chivalry of crime. It sweats like whiskey and cries real red wine. It's chiding your friends for being so sad, mumbling, "You bouncers don't scare me one bit," and yelling "I joined a punk-rock band to break stuff, not to sit around lawyers' offices!" at inappropriate moments. Fifteen new songs by NYC's original international Punk-Rock Orchestra of elegant and angry Gentlemen and Ladies produced by Hardcore legend Don Fury and released by New Jersey Pioneer Punk-Rock label Chunksaah! The piano croons, the guitars shout, the drummers threaten, saxophones rip you from where you are tied to the mast, the accordion just stole your wallet, the string section is whispering in your ear, "don't be a jerk," and boys and girls are singing in harmony "only anarchists are . . . pretty!" Life is a cabaret, the circus is leaving town, don't forget the struggle, don't forget the streets.

1     Brother Of The Mayor Of Bridgewater      
2     The Velocity Of Love      
3     Your Younger Man      
4     Only Anarchists Are Pretty      
5     Let's Steal Everything      
6     Annie The Imaginary Lawyer      
7     Me V. Angry Mob      
8     Hothouse Flowers      
9     Paul Robeson        
10     Me And The Mad Monkettes      
11     Please My Favorite Don't Be Sad      
12     Fiend In Wien      
13     Jerusalem Boys      
14     The Devil's Ball        
15     So Long To The Circus 

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