D.O.A. - Let's Wreck The Party CD

D.O.A. - Let's Wreck The Party   CD
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Weterani kanadyjskiego hc/punka. 1985 rok.

D.O.A.'s classic 1985 album, Let's Wreck The Party, released for the first time in 25 years!
Newly remastered, this is one of D.O.A.s hardest rocking studio albums from the 80s.

Our World     2:44
Dangerman     2:43
Race Riot     1:06
Singin' In The Rain     3:05
Dance O' Death     3:12
General Strike     3:45
Let's Wreck The Party     3:09
Shout Out     3:15
Murder In Hollywood     2:51
The Warrior Ain't No More     3:01
No Way Out     2:29
Trial By Media     3:13

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