Joe Keithley and His Band Of Rebels (D.O.A.) CD

Joe Keithley and His Band Of Rebels  (D.O.A.) CD
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Solowa płyta szefa DOA, trochę lżejsza, w klimatach punk-a-billy, ska, punk i bardziej na luzzie.

D.O.A. and Canada’s godfather of punk, JOE SHITHEAD KEITHLEY. This 14 song album combines punk-a-billy, ska, punk and roots rock. It’s funny, political, upbeat, and incredibly energetic.

1        Rebel Kind
2        Bust Me Loose
3        When Power Came To Canada
4        People Power
5        Wake Me Up For The Revolution
6        Take What You Can Out Of Life
7        Armageddon Time
8        Fuck The Corporation
9        Dangerman
10        Record Company Ripoff
11        Troublemaker
12        Men For All Ages
13        Born To Be Wild
14        Goodnight Irene

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