Slaughter And The Dogs -A Dog Day Afternoon: Live In The USA CD

Slaughter And The Dogs -A Dog Day Afternoon: Live In The USA  CD
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Legenda brytyjskiego punka 77 na swojej pierwszej trasie w USA i sztandarowe hity: Where Have All The Bootboys Gone?, Cranked Up Really High, I'm Mad etc. 15 numerów.

Number four in the TKO Records "Ringside" live series clocks in with Class of '77 UK Punk Legends SLAUGHTER & THE DOGS!!!!! A Dog Day Afternoon is the live album documenting SLAUGHTER & the DOGS' historic first ever U.S. Tour!!! Your sorry asses thought you'd never get to see them play, and TKO came through for you. Now it gets ever better! Drop the needle on this platter and the band barrel through all the hits, from 1976's Cranked Up Really High to tracks from their 2001 Beware Of studio album. Don't thank us, we're just doing our job. If you were there and too drunk to remember, or stayed home and are living in regret, your life will not be complete without this album. Don't forget your rabies vaccines.

1       Twist And Turn
2     Who Are The Mystery Girls?
3     Runaway
4     Boston Babies
5     Saturday Night Till Sunday Morning
6     Situations
7     Blow
8     Hell In New York
9     Welcome To Our Town
10     I'm Mad
11     Quick Joey Small
12     Where Have All The Bootboys Gone?
13     White Light, White Heat
14     The Bitch
15     Cranked Up Really High

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