Tim Barry - High On 95 CD

Tim Barry - High On 95  CD
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Najbardziej staromodny ze wszystkich punkowych bardów. Ex wokalista AVAIL i jego wcielenie folkowego trubadura. Szósta płyta z 2017 roku.

The 6th release from the incomparable and doggedly independent TIM BARRY continues his narrative of heartfelt traveler’s tales, complete with stories of family, friendship, tour, trains and all the beautiful and messy bits in-between. With his unique style, cadence, and voice, he has forged his own pathway, and sits deservedly at the center of life’s campfire singalong. Through decades of constantly heartfelt and unflinching songwriting and thousands upon thousands of inspiring shows he has collected a loyal and varied group of compatriots who eagerly await each new installment of his output.

1. Slow Down
2. High On 95
3. O & DP
4. Riverbank
5. Back Home
6. Gumshoe Andy
7. Porter St.
8. Chelsea
9. Running Never Tamed Me
10. Little Eden

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