SUBHUMANS - Death was Too Kind (CANADA) CD

SUBHUMANS - Death was Too Kind  (CANADA) CD
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Cena: 62.00zł
Producent: Alternative Tentacles

Dwie pierwsze epki, 12'calówka i dwa niepublikowane kawałki legendarnej kanadyjskiej kapeli z przelomu lat 70/80-tych, znanej ze swych akcji bezpośrednich, oraz świetnego grania, w stylu zbliżonym do wczesnego DOA. Są tu zresztą dwa ich hity ("Slave To My Dick" i "Fuck You") coverowane potem przez kapele Shitheada. Rewelkę tę przypomniało: Alternative Tentacles.

This here is a collection of the Subhumans (the Canadians, not the Brits) hard-to-find and very excellent early records (2 7"s and a 12" EP) plus a couple of unreleased tracks. Their two most famous songs are here: "Slave To My Dick" and "Fuck You" (the latter has been covered by D.O.A, Screeching Weasel, and Overkill). These guys are sadly underrated and probably best known for their connections to D.O.A. (singer Brian Roy Goble aka Wimpy Roy and original drummer Dimwit were members of D.O.A after the Subhumans first broke up in the early '80s; Dimwit was also Chuck Biscuits older brother) but they are so fucking great. Thanks for A.T. for making these songs available to everyone who doesn't have a $100 or more to plunk down for the originals on ebay. Now, hopefully, their first two excellent LPs ("Incorrect Thoughts" and "No Wishes, No Prayers", the latter originally released on SST) will be made available again, too. I can't recommend this disc enough! Get it!

1   Death To The Sickoids         
2     Oh Canaduh         
3     Death Was Too Kind         
4     Fuck You       
5     Inquisition Day         
6     Slave To My Dick         
7     Firing Squad         
8     No Productivity         
9     Look At The Dawn         
10     Pissed Off ... With Good Reason

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