Rise Against - The Unraveling LP

Rise Against - The Unraveling   LP
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Cena: 79.00zł
Producent: Fat Wreck Chords

Pierwsza płyta Rise Against. Będzie się o niej kiedyś mówiło per "kultowy debiut".

from the ashes of 88 Fingers Louie, comes Chicago's newest premier punk act, Rise Against! This four piece plays their trademark punchy melodic hardcore with the zeal that some of its members are famous for. Retaining the style that they have previously trademarked, Rise Against will prove to be the new monsters of the midway!

1.     Alive And Well
2.     My Life Inside Your Heart
3.     Great Awakening
4.     Six Ways 'Til Sunday
5.     401Kill
6.     The Art Of Losing
7.     Remains Of Summer Memories
8.     The Unraveling
9.     Reception Fades
10.      Stained Glass And Marble
11.     Everchanging
12.     Sometimes Selling Out Is Giving Up
13.     3 Day Weekend
14.     1000 Good Intentions
15.     Weight Of Time
16.     Faint Resemblance

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