45 Adapters – Collected Works Vol. 1 2 x 10"

45 Adapters – Collected Works Vol. 1   2 x 10"
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Producent: Pirates Press

Wczesne nagrania weteranów nowojorskiej sceny street punk, którzy nie gardzili soulem i reggae. czyli tam gdzie Cock Sparrer spotyka Otisa Reddinga.

Finally repressed after several years of being unavailable this collection gives you all of their hard-to-find and out of press earlier releases, from the early days when these veterans of the NYC Oi! scene first got together at reggae and soul DJ nights and decided to make music in between drinking heavily and dancing until the wee hours of the night.

The band’s signature sound – described as “a truck full of Otis Redding records crashing into a truck full of Cock Sparrer records” – is in fine form here, with the elements of classic Oi! & street rock, smart Mod sounds, nods to 60’s soul and reggae, glam, pub rock, and even hints of classic rock which their many fans have come to embrace. This collection is both a great package for longtime fans and a fantastic primer on this truly unique band for the uninitiated!

A1        Not One More Day
A2        The Bridge Store
A3        Metropolitans
A4        Overtime
B1        DTAWDD
B2        Throw It Out
B3        Brand New...
C1        Third Time
C2        This Xmas
C3        What's Right
C4        Nothing To Prove
D1        Nutmeg
D2        Paved
D3        Tiny Bites
D4        Ey You

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