BONECRUSHER - Blvd. Of Broken Bones CD

BONECRUSHER - Blvd. Of Broken Bones  CD
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Cena: 49.00zł
Producent: Pirates Press

Nowy album na 20-lecie BONECRUSHER. SoCal punk rock z plażowych miast Kalifornii, plus wyraźne inspiracje wczesnym amerykanskim hc/punkiem a la Circle Jerks czy wczesny Black Flag, no wiadomo, że oi!-hardcoreowe wpływy Iron Cross i Agnostic Front.


Having recently celebrated their 20th year as a band, Bonecrusher has been assaulting the masses with their crushing SoCal punk rock since 1992. Their sound definitely originates from the beach towns of California with early hardcore punk influences like Circle Jerks and Black Flag, as well as more rage-fueled urban influences like Agnostic Front and Iron Cross. With the infamous Raybo back on vocals, this new album promises to be a classic and a must-have for all fans of Bonecrusher. Vinyl version includes CD.

1.     In This Life
2.     Fight For Freedom
3.     Blvd. Of Broken Bones
4.     Go To Hell
5.     Until The End
6.     Bat Out Of Hell
7.     Death Goes Marching On
8.     Never Say Die
9.     Don't Give Up On Me
10.     House Of The Wicked
11.     Tomorrow Isn't Yours
12.     Never Die
13.     Into The Fire

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