NECROS - Conquest For Death LP

NECROS - Conquest For Death  LP
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Klasyka amerykańskiego hardcore. fan club ale staranny i upchany na maksa! masa bonusów i wkladka.

Necros- Conquest For Death LP.  Hailing from Maumee, Ohio, the Necros were one of the first hardcore bands in the U.S.! Consisting of highschoolers Barry Henssler, Andy Wendler, and Todd Swalla, the Necros formed way back in 1979. Meatmen vocalist and scenester Tesco Vee soon took the band under his wing, and within a year they were at the forefront of a scene centered around Detroit, Michigan. Absolutely essential Necros reissue here. Not only does it includ the classic tracks from the "Conquest For Death" LP. But also includes the songs from the "Early Days Bootleg" EP, "Sex Drive" EP, "IQ 32" EP and the "Process Of Elimination" compilation EP. 36 tracks total.

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