New Breed - Off The Beaten Path CD

New Breed - Off The Beaten Path  CD
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Kolejny album (z 2004 roku) kolegów Dropkick Murphys (zwłaszcza wokal budzi takie skojarzenia). 13 hymniastych numerów w guście Street Dogs czy Dropkick Murphys. (29 zł)


Great 'Punk Rock 'N' Roll' band. They are advertised in magazines "for fans of Dropkick Murphys, Social Distortion and Tiger Army". I don't see the Social Distortion or Tiger Army influence, but boy do I sure hear the Dropkick Murphys influence. This band is like the 'Rock 'N' Roll' Dropkick Murphys. If you dig Al Bar's (DKM) voice you will love this band, because the singer sounds just like him! Good album that will have you shaking your fist in the car

1 Sounds Like Shit  
2 Shouts From The Underground  
3 Friendly Fire  
4 Starting Over  
5 Port City Rebels  
6 Smoking Gun  
7 Streets Of Gold  
8 Action  
9 Back Against The Wall  
10 Blue Collar Blues  
11 The Chapter's End  
12 Bombs For Oil  
13 This Old Town




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