ZOSCH! – birds don’t lie LP

ZOSCH! – birds don’t lie  LP
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Trzy dziewczyny i dwóch gości = taneczny i chwytliwy disco-electro-punk, plus szczypta nowej fali i brzmienia typu Le Tigre czy Bikini Kill. Albo może po prostu niemiecki mix Super Girls And Romantic Boys i Mass-Kotek?

Quite unusual record to come out on contraszt! records. zOSCH! are three women and two men from Cologne/Germany. With double female vocals, they create their own highly enjoyable mix of danceable Punkrock, Disco-Synthies and great lyrics! In times minimalistic, in other dense and impulsive. Comparisions to Le Tigre or Bikini Kill are misleading. Rather imagine a more punky version of Lost Sounds, mixed with some goodold Deutschpunk and a fresh breeze of the new Wave sound of the eighties. this record definetly will make you want to put on your dancing shoes and go "yeahyeah"!
“Bird’s don’t lie” is their second Full length LP and comes on heavy 180g vinyl in a thick cardboard cover.

1. Big City 02:20
2. Birds Don't Lie 02:25
3.Seasick 02:34
4.Abendnot 02:19
5.Zubroter 02:44
6.Missing O 03:09
7.Autopilot 02:10
8.If You Don't Like It 02:14
9.Welt Abgrund 02:12
10.Dreck 01:56
11.Scheisse Regen 02:13
12.No Matter 02:56

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