MAD PARADE - Re-issues CD

MAD PARADE - Re-issues  CD
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Dwie pierwsze płyty Mad Parade oraz dwa single, czyli ich sztandarowe nagrania z lat 1984-87. Rewelacyjny, melodyjny, przebojowy punk rock, nieco w brytyjskim stylu, ale od razu slychać także, że to zespół z Kalifornii. Kapitalne piosenki... 23 hity! Dziś już nikt tak nie umie grać punk rocka niestety.

Orange County's Mad Parade has existed for nearly 20 years, but has never made it far beyond the Orange curtain like so many of its contemporaries have (Agent Orange, CH3, and Social Distortion). This collection of early recordings will hopefully attract fans of this genre to check them out and see what they've been missing. Mad Parade's self-titled debut from 1984 is impressive, but the band hadn't solidified its own musical personality yet. Vocalist Billy Ledges is still finding his own voice while sounding similar to John Lydon, or to a lesser extent Jello Biafra (listen to "Court Jester" or "Hollywood Vampires" for proof). Influences come shining through, including bands like Chelsea and 999, but the band is smart enough to filter these influences, not copy them. Joey Kelly's guitar riffs are fast, thick, and furious as he mixes his love for British punk guitar heroes while keeping both feet firmly planted in Orange County street punk. By the time the band's second album A Thousand Words was released in 1987, the band's direction hadn't changed, but it sounded far more confident. Ledges' voice had begun to sound unique (although he still had a touch of the Lydon/Biafra quiver). The band made huge steps forward on the songwriting front, pounding out some fine anthemic punk rockin' songs like "Animal Riot," "Calling Out," and "Talk to Me." Also featuring two singles from 1986, this 23-track collection will hopefully set things straight for the band and offers a fascinating look into its early days. ~ Steve "Spaz" Schnee

1    Court Jester          
2    Facing the Crowd          
3    Hollywood Vampires          
4    One Tin Soldier          
5    Frightened Again          
6    I'm A Monster          
7    Real Horror Show See All 2          
8    Sex & Violence          
9    Calling Out          
10    Talk to Me          
11    Praying for a New Day          
12    Right Time          
13    Animal Riot          
14    Night Is Ours Forever          
15    Laughing          
16    Watch Me Run          
17    Joke's on You          
18    Second Chances          
19    Right Is Right          
20    This Is Life          
21    Mother's Little Helper          
22    Second Chances          
23    Twist Of Fate

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