TITLE FIGHT - Floral Green LP

TITLE FIGHT - Floral Green  LP
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Cena: 79.00zł
Producent: Side One Dummy

Może i pop punk (albo pop post hard core?), ale z pewnością niebanalny, uczuciowy, emocjonalny, chwytający za gardło. Między Lifetime a Gorillą Biscuits. Nic dziwnego, że chłopaki robią karierę. Extra wydany LP! gatefold w obowlucie.

Title Fight has become pop-punk darlings, rising from the hardcore scene of Eastern Pennsylvania with an infectious, melodic and heartfelt brand of punk rock that, on "Floral Green," is beginning to find more spacey elements of bands like Hum and Failure as well as shoegaze-infused for a more mature, yet still accessible, sound. Vinyl version includes digital download.

1.     Numb, But I Still Feel It
2.     Leaf
3.     Like A Ritual
4.     Secret Society
5.     Head In The Ceiling Fan
6.     Make You Cry
7.     Sympathy
8.     Frown
9.     Calloused
10.     Lefty
11.     In-Between

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